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Drawing from the latest in scientific, technological, and biochemical discoveries, Dr.Satin recognizes caviar as not just a fashionable, high-end commodity, but also its remarkable nutritional effects on skin.Our entire collection of cosmeceutical products is certified non-toxic and suitable for even the most sensitive skin, providing every customer the best and safest skin care experience. Promoting the concept of “Affordable Luxury”, we tend to the needs of stylish women and men alike who know how to take care and pamper their skin, while being by their side at every stage of their personal development! “Live On Your Terms, Rewrite Beauty” is the slogan at the core of our brand’s concept of beauty. The spirit we wish to convey our customers incorporates independence,courage,self-confidence and constant innovation in its mission to help women achieve self-growth.We persistently challenge our own limits, and adhere to the principle of being professional, while prioritizing safety and efficiency.Dr.Satin has developed a wide range of highly diversified skincare products,so that every skin-type can enjoy safe top-level perfecting treatments.


Competence.Perfectionism.Medical Quality Assurance

Drug Manufacturers following cGMP Regulations, The First Choice of Professional Dermatologists

Dr.Satin’s top quality caviar extract skincare products are made by  Taiwanese cGMP manufacturers whose technology is developed in cooperation with international teams. The latest biochemical technologies and fish egg essence extracted from clean sea waters are used to create cosmeceutical products which prevent women’s skin from aging and wrinkles.Their rejuvenating,whitening,moisturizing,and tightening effect restores the skin’s softness and elasticity,while precious repairing antioxidants protect the skin from the threats of aging.Dr.Satin’s products have been recommended by many professional dermatologists and plastic surgeons.The whole collection is also covered by a product liability insurance worth 120 million NTD,giving your skin a full range protection.


Inspected & Approved by the SGS

All our products have been subjected to safety tests to provide you with the safest skin care and maintenance options.

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