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The Holistic Aesthetic Surgery Clinic is located at Zhongzheng Road in Changhua City. According to a “extensive assessment, multidirectional consulting, ‘all in one’ service” work ethic, our comprehensive professional medical team meets every client’s demand  for a young and beautiful look, a more graceful profile, thicker hair, and flawless skin. It strives to consistently provide all-around service in the direction and objectives of our development. The strong level of expertise and outstanding aesthetic standards of our doctors provide customers with the most suitable professional consultation, creating a natural-looking beauty. The safety of every customer is our main priority. So, regardless of which procedure, anesthesiologists and nurses must be present during the entire operation, allowing the patient to achieve beauty in a healthy and safe way.“Beauty is easily achievable.The aging process can be stopped in its tracks right now”. As soon as you step into Holistic Aesthetic,you can trust that “Beauty is easily achievable; the skin-aging process can be stopped right away”. Services include: microsurgery,plastic surgery, laser phototherapy, basic maintenance,maintenance injections, intravenous laser, sports medicine.

● The specifications of our operating rooms are comparable with the ones of a medical center.
   The anesthesia apparatus and instruments are also 1000MW Class.

● We constantly invest in the latest imported instruments, equipment and technology.

● To provide our customers with the most pleasant and comfortable experience,    10 million NTD was spent to build the clinic,creating a cozy 6-star environment.



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